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Negotiation and Team Exercises

NTR supports the development and dissemination of materials to facilitate teaching negotiation, conflict management, and teamwork. Its mission is to promote learning in online and face-to-face environments. The materials NTR distributes have been developed, refined, and vetted by professors and consultants in classrooms and training programs around the world.

A fundamental tenet of NTR is that by engaging in simulated negotiation and teamwork exercises, receiving feedback, and benchmarking process and outcomes, people can improve their negotiation and teamwork skills. NTR offers a variety of teaching materials to support its mission.

Negotiation & Team Exercises


NTR exercises are interactive simulations designed to illustrate and teach principles of negotiation and teamwork. Each exercise is accompanied by extensive teaching notes. NTR exercises are based on real world situations. Exercises have detailed teaching notes.


Briefs & Syllabi

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Briefs are short reports appropriate to assign to students prior to or after an exercise.

Syllabi, there are two, one for a regular negotiation course and one for a culture and negotiation course.  there is no charge for downloading syllabi.

Syllabi organize NTR exercises into topics, suggest multiple options for exercises under each topic, and organize topics into a learning flow.


Culture & Negotiation Strategy idecisiongames


This product can be used in a class or workshop in which participants are studying how global cultural differences affect negotiation strategy.


Peer Feedback for Negotiation and Teams


This product can be used in a class or workshop in which participants negotiate a minimum of three times with different counterparts or teams.


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