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Past Grant Recipients


Grant Recipients
Researcher Institution Title
Ray FriedmanVanderbilt UniversityNegotiation and Conflict Transformer AI Language Model
Shereen ChaudryUniversity of ChicagoTo apologize, blame, or both? How the interaction of
relational and informational motives impacts reconciliation
after conflict
Solene DelecortUniversity of California BerkeleyNegotiating Science: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial
Brad HuangUniversity of British ColumbiaExamining the Dual Effects of Victim Forgiveness on Transressor Reparation in Interpersonal Conflicts
Merrick OsborneUniversity of California BerkeleyAn eye for an eye makes a leader shine, especially if she is a woman
Bella RenWhartonRemember to Ask “Why” Even When You Agree: The Benefits of Discussing Underlying Interests on Compatible Interests in Negotiations
Vincent RiceUniversity of BuffaloSimilarity vs. Complementarity-Based Faultlines in Human-AI Teams
Teaching Grants
Teacher Institution Title
Michael GrossColorado State UniversityEmergency Medical Management in an Environmental Disaster


Grant Recipients
Researcher Institution Title
Simone MoranBen-Gurion University of the NegevSpirals of (dis)trust in negotiations
Elisabeth JäckelUniversity of AmsterdamBehavioral antecedents and consequences of (dis-)honesty in negotiation
Matthew DiabesCarnegie Mellon UniversityLearning to Play the Game: A Longitudinal Study of Law Students’ Moral Character, Game-Framing, and Honest Disclosure in Negotiations
Ruo MoMontpellier Business SchoolPower and Unethical Negotiating Tactics
Leigh GrantUniversity of ChicagoThe Impact of Communication Medium on International Business Negotiations
Mary WallerColorado State UniversityLooking and Speaking the Part: Incongruence Between Negotiators’ Facially- and Verbally-Expressed Emotions as a Predictor of Negotiated Outcomes
Brooke GazdagUniversity of AmsterdamPreventing and managing adversities in negotiations: The role of integrative skills and resilience mindset training
Huiru YangUniversity at BuffaloGender and AI/Human Interaction
Melanie LietzTU Dortmund UniversityA New Potential Strategy to Solve Women’s Dilemma in Compensation Negotiations
Daniel GriffinMichigan State UniversityEmbracing the Open System Paradigm: A Multiteam System Approach to Between-Team Negotiations


Grant Recipients
Researcher Institution Title
Ryan HemsleyMichigan State UniversityWorking Together to Our Collective Demise: The Role of Integrative Strategy on Escalation of Commitment in Multi-Phase Negotiations
Charlie TownsendUC BerkeleyNegotiating the Gender Gap in Household Labor
Jonathan LeeUniversity of New HampshireNegotiating with Anger Issues: The Direction of Expressed Anger on Trust and Post Negotiation Cooperation
Einav HartGeorge Mason UniversityI Avoid Because I Care: An Investigation of a U-shaped Model of Negotiation Avoidance by Economic Concerns
Laura ReesQueen’s University, Smith School of BusinessThe Not-So-Small Potential of Small Talk in Negotiations: A Regulatory Focus Perspective
Tyree MitchellLouisiana State UniversityWe are One or We Need Each Other : Role of Intergroup Leadership in Intergroup Negotiations
Teaching Grants
Teacher Institution Title
Duncan DukeIthaca CollegeNFL Media Rights Exercise


Teams Grants with INGroup
Researcher Institution Title
L. Taylor PhillipsNew York University Stern School of BusinessSame Goal, Different Means? The Intragroup Dynamics of Intergroup Collective Action Coalitions
Rebecca Ponce de LeonDuke UniversityWoke or Pandering? Perceptions of Racial Outgroup Members’ Communication Strategies
Pedro Marques-QuinteiroISPA- Instituto UniversitárioCollaborative Group Processes to Achieve Performance Goals
Ilanit GordonBar Ilan UniversityHow Do Behavioral and Physiological Synchrony Shape Group Cohesion and Performance during Real Social Interactions?
Keaton FletcherGeorgia Institute of TechnologyEffects of Testosterone and Cortisol on Two Dimensions of Dominance and Leadership Emergence
Research Grants
Researcher Institution Title
Garrett BradyLondon Business SchoolSocial Class and Negotiation Processes
Daisung JangUniversity of QueenslandValidation of the Negotiation Behavior Inventory
Terri KurtzbergRutgers Business SchoolThe Disclosure Effect: What to Say First and When to Reveal Disability in Virtual Job Negotiations
Jonathan LeeUniversity of New HampshireThird One’s the Charm? How Emotions Impact the Role of Third Parties in Trust Repair
Elena PoliakovaIESEG LilleDoes Language Matter: Native Language or Lingua Franca in Cross-Cultural Negotiations
McKensie ReesBrigham Young UniversityNegotiating the Favor Bank
Carolin SchusterLeuphana University LüneburgCan a Mindset Intervention Help to Foster Agreements and Improve Subjective Evaluations in Value-driven Conflicts?
Ning XuWashington University in St. LouisThank You for the Negotiation: How Gratitude Expressions Improve Joint Gains and Subjective Value
Jing Jing YaoIESEG School of ManagementResearch on the Post-Agreement Stage: Trust Development, Agreement Implementation, and Future Cooperation
Boaz Keysar LabUniversity of ChicagoNegotiation and Lingua Franca Use: How the Choice of Language Shapes Negotiation Processes and Outcomes


Research Grants
Researcher Institution Title
Matthew DiabesCarnegie Mellon UniversityConflict Management Through Conflict Expression: The Role of Psychological Adjustment in Conflict Expression on Teams expression
Jeremy YipGeorgetown UniversityThanks for Nothing: Expressing Gratitude Invites Exploitation in Competitive Negotiations
Rashpal Dhensa-KahlonUniversity of SurreyIf We Can Laugh Together, We Can Work Together: Exploring the Role of Humor as a Conflict Management Strategy in Teams
Virginia ChoiUniversity of MarylandCultural Influences on the Formation and Structures of Stigma
Alexandra MislinAmerican UniversityWinning Negotiations without Losing the Relationship
Hillie AalderingUniversity of AmsterdamNegotiation Agreement Selling: Mutual (mis)understanding between Representative and Constituency
Franki KungPurdue UniversityFrom Negotiating Identities to Negotiating a Deal: Identity Integration, (Non-)Zero-Sum Mindset, and Success in Integrative Negotiation
Margaret LeeUniversity of California, BerkeleyWomen Do Ask? Gender and Negotiation


Research Grants
Researcher Institution Title
Einev Hart & Maurice SchweitzerUniversity of PennsylvaniaNegotiating for Goods and Services: Will Negotiations Influence Service Quality?
Nazli Bhatia & Brian GuniaJohns HopkinsRationales Speaking to Negotiators’ Constraints
Denise Loyd & Molly KernUniversity of IllinoisMinority Duos
Eliran HalaliRamat Gan Re Bar-Ilan UniversityDivide-and-Conquer: Harmful Third Parties Undermine Groups
Smadar Cohen-ChenUniversity of SurreyEmotional Expressions and Dual Concern Theory in Conflict Resolution
Teaching Grants
Teacher Institution Title
Andrew BennettOld Dominion UniversityUsing Improvisation in the Negotiation Classroom
Georg BerkelBerkel Negotiation ConsultingNegotiation Clips for Teaching