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NTR Teaching Grant

Grant Information & Application

NTR Teaching grants are intended to support development of new teaching materials and expertise in the areas of negotiation, conflict, and dispute resolution. For example, a teaching grant might be used to support research and development of a new multi-media exercise.  It might be used to support a teaching internship with an experienced teacher, learning how to design a course, evaluate students, pace a class, use new classroom resources (such as NTR’s Peer Feedback resource, or its Culture and Negotiation Survey resource), or a new platform such as

NTR teaching grants are open to scholars at any career stage.  If the proposal is for a residency at another institution, the applicant and the residency host must submit jointly.

2019 Application Information
NTR intends to fund at least two $5,000 -$10,000 teaching grants in 2019.  Applications are due May 1, 2019.  NTR’s teaching grant committee will make its selection by July 1, 2019. Complete the downloadable Application Form, which requires a 500 word abstract and a budget.

Teaching grant money may be used for video, programming, research, travel, living expenses, teaching expenses, and software (but not hardware). If an internship is part of the application, the application must be signed by applicant and host.  NTR is a 501c(3) corporation and does not pay overhead.  Complete the Teaching Application Form, which requires a 500 word abstract, a budget and if appropriate the host’s signature.  Please email your application to in a zip or pdf binder file containing the Application Form, your proposal, your CV and the host’s CV, if a research residency.  Name your file with the last name of the applicant 2019 NTR Teaching Internship Grant, for example SMITH.2019 NTR Research Grant.

NTR Teaching Grant Internship Host Guidelines

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