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NTR Research Grant

Grant Information & Application

NTR is especially interested in supporting scholars from different institutions who wish to work together on a project.  For example, a scholar might wish to spend several months in residence with a research group at another institution and use the grant to pay for transportation and housing.  Alternatively, a group of scholars from different institutions might wish to use the grant jointly to meet jointly and move their mutual research program ahead.  NTR grants may also be used for a single scholar’s typical costs of doing research: participant fees, coding, statistical analysis, etc.

NTR grants are open to scholars at any career stage, but NTR would especially like to support advanced PhD students, post docs or junior faculty.  If there is a residency involved in the grant application, the applicant and the residency host must submit jointly.

Product and Acknowledgment
Researchers who receive support from NTR should acknowledge that support in publications that result from research supported by NTR.  “This research was supported by a grant from NTR (”  At the end of the NTR grant period, NTR expects researchers to submit an abstract of no more than 500 words describing the research. The abstract should be appropriate for posting on the NTR web site. NTR encourages grant recipients to present their research at international meetings.

2019 Application Information
NTR intends to fund at least two $10,000 grants in 2019.  Applications are due May 1, 2019.  NTR’s Grant Committee will make its selection by July 1, 2019. Complete the downloadable Application Form, which requires a 500 word abstract and a budget.

Grant money may be used for travel, health insurance, visas, inoculations, living expenses, research expenses, and software (but not hardware). If this is a residency grant, the application must be signed by applicant and host.  NTR is a 501c(3) corporation and does not pay overhead.  Attach the Application Form to a grant proposal of not more than 10 pages. Add the applicant’s CV and the host’s CV. Please email your application to in a zip or pdf binder file containing the Application Form, the grant proposal (10 page limit), applicant’s CV and the host’s CV.  Name your file with the last name of the applicant and 2018 NTR Research Grant, for example SMITH.2019 NTR Research Grant.

NTR Research Host Guidelines

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