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NTR Research Grant

Grant Information & Application

NTR’s research grants support studies of negotiation and conflict management broadly construed. NTR is particularly interested in supporting research that uses a variety of methods that capture negotiators’ chatting, talking, and interacting, rather than research that sets up a scenario and asks people how they would negotiate. In 2024 NTR is interested in supporting research at the interface of negotiation and sustainability.  NTR continues to be interested in supporting AI and negotiation research. NTR is prepared to fund 10 or more research grants of up to $10,000 annually.

NTR research grants are open to scholars associated with universities globally. Scholars and teams of scholars at any career stage are eligible for NTR research grants, but NTR prefers to support advanced PhD students, post docs, and early career faculty.

The grant recipient’s institution must be able to accept grant funds in U.S. dollars without taking overhead or indirect costs. NTR is a 501c(3) not-for-profit corporation.

A panel whose members are from the Conflict Management division of the Academy of Management and the International Association for Conflict Management review the research grant proposals and advise the NTR Board of Directors regarding funding.

Evaluation criteria include: 1) Quality of the application – interesting RQ, feasible design; 2) Likelihood of the work being appropriate for publication in top-tier outlets; 3) Likelihood of the work making an impact on theory and practice more broadly.

Acknowledgment and Product
Researchers should add this acknowledgement to publications that result from research supported by NTR: “This research was supported by a grant from NTR (negotiationandteamresources.com).”  The NTR research grant period is two years. At the end of the grant period, NTR expects researchers to submit an abstract of no more than 500 words describing the research accomplishment. NTR encourages grant recipients to present their research at international meetings and publish their work in outlets of interest to academics and practitioners.

Budget Guidelines
Research grant funds may be used to pay for data collection, coding, and analysis. Funds may be used for research-required travel, but not for conferences. NTR does not pay researcher salaries. Funds may be used to pay research assistants, coders, programmers, etc. NTR waives royalty fees for use of NTR distributed exercises in NTR funded research.

Application Information
Proposals are due April 1. Complete the downloadable Application Form, which requires a 500 word abstract, a budget, no more than a 10-page proposal, and a CV.  Funding decisions are usually made by May 15.

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If the proposal is for a Research Residency, funds may be used for travel to the residency, health insurance, visas, inoculations, living expenses, research expenses, and software (but usually not hardware). Residency grant proposals must be signed by applicant and host.  Please see Research Residency Host Guidelines below.


NTR Research Host Guidelines